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By the year 2020, 91.342 MW installed capacity of 51% very high rate of Turkey's electricity generation infrastructure (46,500 MW) supplied from thermal energy in other words coal-based fossil natural gas and less environmental as petroleum sensitive disrupt the ecological balance and also disrupting this balance using carbon emissions. Besides these, due to imported raw materials included in mentioned energy production group, Turkey allocates a budget of $ 55-60 billion each year.


Although it is one of the most appropriate country in the world which has 2,663 hours of sunshine duration and solar radiation value of 1527 kWh / m2,  Turkey’s total solar energy installed capacity is limited with 6,000 MW.
As Birlesim Group, by implementing a solar energy power plant with a power of 10 MWe - 15,237 MWp, we aim to support the electricity needs of approximately 12,000 residences and take part in our country's economy and ecology with 25 million kWh electricity produced by Edikli GES.
We will prevent 24,175 tons of carbon emissions compared to coal and 11,700 tons of natural gas every year when you consider producing 1 MWh electrical energy from coal 967 kg and 468 kg CO2 - carbon dioxide are produced from natural gas.
As individuals who love their homeland and it’s nature,we respect the right to life of all living beings, especially human beings and we think that investments in renewable energy are actually social responsibility projects of all. In this way, we aim to increase our strength and ensure the future of our children, our country and the world with our new investments under the umbrella of Birlesim Group.
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